Official Ubuntu Archive Mirror

We’re pretty big fans of Ubuntu around here, after having been CentOS diehards for years. In the spirit of paying it back (and forward), we have provisioned an official Ubuntu Archive Mirror, which was accepted and approved by Ubuntu yesterday. Want to use it? Just point apt to – we support http, https, and ftp – or execute the commands below. Enjoy!

Monero (XMR) Cryptocurrency Public Node Available

We are working on accepting Monero (XMR) for subscriptions and to that end, decided to give back by standing up a free public node you can connect your wallet to. Our goal is to keep this available, secure, and just as important – fast! After all, we use it too. To connect, point your Monero Client to

We’re officially (re) opened!

We’re re-opened and all of our CPU Optimized plans are available. Want a tier we don’t offer, ping me via [email protected] and I’ll hook you up. We’re installing our Xeon v4 equipment in the next few days and desperately looking for some high-clock Xeon E equipment that is priced sanely so we can offer you the choice of Intel on our CPU Optimized plans also. […]

Pardon our Dust (storm): New Website

I’ve decide to spend a little extra time (and money!) to put together a nicer looking website. I was never really happy with WHMCS as the front page provider, so I might as well get it as right as I can now! If you want to provision a VPS we’re certainly open, but links may not work so if you have trouble, ping me at […]

Plans are LIVE!

We are still working through some cosmetic website bugs and a few other annoyances, but we are ready to open the doors and let the public beat on it and discover other issues. So, have at it! Please feel free to post in our Reddit forum with any feedback, located at /r/amdvps. Tuesday, December 22, 2020 « Back

Update – Checkout Tweaks and BGP Routing Issue

Equipment is racked and there are a few checkout display bugs we’re working through, but nothing that will prevent us from opening. We’re currently working with our provider on a BGP routing issue with one of our 10Gbps links – once it’s resolved, we’ll be open for business! edit: BGP issue is with an invalid upstream announce, so my provider and I are at the […]

Launching Soon!

Tweet We will be officially launching in the next few days. Just putting the finishing touches on the site as well as waiting on a RAM shipment for one of the nodes. (Thanks Covid!)  Wednesday, December 16, 2020 « Back Powered by WHMCompleteSolution

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